2005 - Standards Implementation Plan

The Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education is interested in what have been doing to implement the National Content Standards for Entrepreneurship Education so that we can better design resources, conferences, professional development and other services to fit your needs.

Please complete this form and return ASAP to
Cathy Ashmore, 1601 W Fifth Ave., #199, Columbus, OH 43212 or fax: 419-791-8922



Institution or Business:


I have done the following to implement the National Standards (or have plans to do it in 2005):
(Please list ALL that are planned or have been accomplished with dates, approximate number of participants, and related comments. Use back of the page if more space is needed.)

  1. Presentations to other groups -
  2. Workshops with teachers or program providers
  3. Write or revise curriculum for _____ course or program using the Standards
  4. Initiate new classes or programs

  5. Create instructional materials which support the Standards and/or create crosswalk to existing materials

  6. Create Crosswalk with other (name) national, state and/or local educational standards
  7. Integrate the Standards with academic competencies - please name content area(s)

  8. Design activities and/or assessments based on the Standards

  9. Institute new degree or certificate programs

  10. Use the standards for community outreach programs

  11. Write articles for publication that include description of the National Standards (send copy)

  12. Other - please list

  13. What would be helpful to you at a special session for Ambassadors at the FORUM in Orlando?

NOTE: Please write a sentence or two to more fully describe your experiences with using the new National Content Standards for Entrepreneurship Education.

Thanks for your help.